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Summer School

5 - 11 August, 2024

BAL Summer 


Līču skola, Mazsalaca, Latvia

Baltic Analog Lab announces an open call for our week-long Summer school for international and national filmmakers and artists interested in photochemical film and expanded cinema.

This year the school will happen from 5-11 August in Līču Skola (former school of Līči) in Mazsalaca municipality in Latvia and will be hosting 30 international participants.


The school will focus on deeper immersion into the wilderness of the surrounding environment – the natural park of Salaca River known for its scenic sandstone cliffs and caves as well as deep forests with natural trails that tell mythical stories of the local folklore.


As the school is located in a unique place, there is no signal on the phone which will allow all participants to immerse themselves in the depths of film processing, film watching, nature absorption, and being present with each other for the whole week. Alongside film immersion, we will also focus the school on myths and folklore of the local surroundings by inviting special guests telling those stories.


We invite artists and filmmakers to apply for the school until June 7, 2024, by submitting their application here. The participation fee is 600 EUR for international and 500 EUR for national participants and will cover participation in the workshops, accommodation in the school, 3 meals a day, and all material costs during the workshops.


The school is organized by the artist-run film lab Baltic Analog Lab and funded by the Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation as well as Creative Europe and the Latvian Ministry of Culture.

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Being located in Salaca River’s national park, the school will focus on engagement with the surroundings by exploring the local area and learning the local myths and folklore that are rooted in the Latvian cultural heritage and paganism that is still practiced in our present-day culture.

Participants will be meeting local storytellers who will bring us on a walk in the Salaca River nature park trail, telling the local myths and legends of trees turning humans into werewolves and birds singing songs that bring their listeners to another century.

Participants will be invited to interact with the local environment by learning about plant-based photochemistry, simple environmentally friendly techniques of creating films, as well as creative techniques of shooting and creating films using very simple, but deeply hacked techniques.

Amongst the teaching, lecturers will be Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie from Australia, Karel Doing from the United Kingdom, and Katherine Bauer from the United States.

At the end of the week, we will have our final performance event where participants will be presenting their created films and film loops by engaging with film projectors in a performative act.


5.08. Monday

  • Until 12:00 Arrival, introduction

  • Guided tour with Sandis Laime in Skaņaiskalns nature trail

  • Introduction with workshop teachers

  • Performance


06.08. Tuesday

  • 16mm Bi-pack and cyanotype workshop

  • Plant Processing workshop 

  • Phytography workshop

  • Open screening/ drinks  


07.08. Wednesday

  • 16mm Bi-pack and cyanotype workshop

  • Plant Processing workshop 

  • Phytography workshop

  • Open screening/ drinks  

08.08 Thursday

  • 16mm Bi-pack and cyanotype workshop

  • Plant Processing workshop 

  • Phytography workshop

  • Open screening/ drinks  

09.08. Friday​

  • 16mm Bi-pack and cyanotype workshop

  • Plant Processing Workshop 

  • Phytography workshop

  • Fire ritual with folklorists Delve


10.08. Saturday​

  • Salt print photography workshop

  • Creative time

  • Open screening


11.08  Sunday​

  • Creative time

  • Final performance

12.08  Monday

  • Farewells, departing

Regulations 2024

Application and costs

Participation fee

We invite both professionals, as well as beginners working in the field of photochemical film and expanded cinema arts to apply for the school.

Applicants should fill out the application form and give us brief motivation and a short biography explaining their previous background.

Our aim is to offer this opportunity to people who are keen to work with analog film and expand their knowledge and practice in it, as well as being willing to spend a week in a rural area, exploring local nature and cultural heritage.

600 EUR for international participants

500 EUR for national participants

The price includes accommodation in school in shared rooms, 3 meals a day (all vegetarian/vegan), pick up from the local town, as well as participation in all activities and material costs needed during the workshops.


We allow the participation fee to be paid in two installments, however, all payments should be processed until the start of school.



The school is located near Mazsalaca town in Salaca’s river nature park known for sandstone cliffs and caves as well as deep forests with natural trails. The nature park is an important area under the protection of several habitats of the EU Habitats Directive, among they are sandstone outcrops, undisturbed caves, slope forests, oak groves, rapids of rivers, and dry meadows on calcareous soils. There is a walking trail alongside the river leading to the main geomorphological natural monument –Skaņaiskalns – a red Devonian sandstone cliff 20 meters high and 90 meters long right next to the bank of the river Salaca which flows all the way to Līči school where the event will be held.


The school is another local architectural monument – a two-floor wooden building built in the 19th century as a school for the local children. Now – a guest house for travelers who rest here after boat trips on the river. The school will accommodate 40 people (including staff) in large and medium shared bedrooms. There are two showers and if the weather allows, also a possibility to swim and bathe in the refreshing river right next to a house. Lectures will be held in a separate house as well as outside.Due to the specific location, there is no phone signal in the area, therefore participants will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a week-long analog adventure.

Participants should arrive at the nearest town Mazsalaca on Monday morning, August 5 where they will be picked up by a bus.

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