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Baltic Analog Lab

Light Graphic Luminogram

18-19 December, 2021

with Elvira Akzigitova


Baltic Analog Lab invites you to participate in a two day workshop led by Berlin based Estonian artist Elvira Akzigitova teaching creative luminogram and electric photography techniques in darkroom.

We will be touching on how to modulate light, how photographic material absorbs light, how to regulate it’s intensity and how to create luminous volume, movement and rhythm.
With such techniques like luminogramme (drawing/molding/modulating with light on light- sensitive surfaces) and electric photography (Kirlian photography) the students are welcome to practice the process of crafting a cameraless photographic impression from beginning to end.

This process is intuitive and can take us to a place where chance and skill blend in unforeseeable ways. Furthermore, the darkroom workshop will not only spare us from our familiar approaches of image making, but show us things unseen by the naked eye.
Once a fuller understanding of the medium's potential is achieved, through exercises, experimentation and play - the participants can develop their own artistic signature to create an original work.


- introduction to luminogram technique using various light sources and photo sensitive paprer

- introduction to electric photography using Violet Wand device

- individual work in the darkroom

Elvira Akzigitova is an experimenter who spends long hours in the dark with a red light, trying to capture the trace of light and its tactile essentials. In addition to traditional analog photography tools and light sources, she also has a rather unusual tool called Violet Wand in her arsenal. By electrifying organic matter with this secret weapon, she succeeds in revealing what is otherwise hidden to the eye, but visible on light-sensitive materials. According to the artist, she works on the edge of photography and painting, just where these two practices meet and blend. Alternative, and at times, antique processes, abstract - inward looking images - Elvira decisively replaces the humanist documentary with a display of photographs presented as themes or events in themselves.


NB! Workshop will be held in English and all materials will be provided.

Only people with green Covid certificate are allowed to participate!

Limited amount of participants - 10 people
Participate by sending us an email to:
Participation fee: 50 EUR

Workshop is supported by State Culture Capital Foundation

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