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Baltic Analog Lab

Large format

29-30 April, 2023

with Armands Andže(BAL)


Baltic Analog Lab invites you to a two-day large-format photography workshop with BAL member Armands Andže who will be teaching two large-format photography techniques - silver gelatin dry plates and large-format photography on paper.

The silver gelatin dry plates is a photography technique used in the 19th century which apart from wet plates makes it possible to preserve and expose the plate in a longer time period, the sensitivity is also higher than that of wet plates. Armands Andže has been practicing this technique for several years, making silver emulsion plates himself. In the workshop, he will tell about the production of such an emulsion and glass plates, and students will have the opportunity to make and expose such plates by themselves.

Large-format photography is much more flexible and simple, using photo paper, on which the image can be exposed and further developed both as a negative and as a positive which will also be taught in the workshop.


- Introduction to large format photography
- Taking photos
- The process of negative and positive photography
- Introduction to making of silver gelatin emulsion
- Application of emulsion on glass plates
- Taking pictures
- Extensive development and contact printing in the laboratory

Armands Andže has been a member of Baltic Analog Lab since 2018. He has been practicing analog photography for 12 years and has learned several old analog photography techniques through self-learning. He studied photography at the College of Culture, but is currently pursuing a master's degree at the graphics department of the Latvian Academy of Arts.

The number of participants is limited - 10 people
You can apply for the workshop by sending an email to:
Participation fee: 60 EUR

Workshop will be held in English and Latvian (depending on participants who apply)

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