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Baltic Analog Lab

Experimental photography

17-18 February, 2018

with Ieva Balode


Experimental photography workshop with Ieva Balode who is a founding member of Baltic Analog Lab - artist and film curator who works with analog image exploring it's physical, photo-chemical as well as contextual qualities. Her works are met both in art galleries as well as international film and art festivals. 
As a founding member of Baltic Analog Lab, Ieva actively organises educational events - workshops, lectures as well as experimental film festival Process.

The workshop will provide learning and practicing various analog image making techniques and tricks in darkroom and outside of it where the camera is not always present.

- Introduction to analog photography's physical and photo-chemical qualities
- Making and taking pictures with handmade camera
- Reversal process (using negative and positive image)
- Multi-exposure using camera and printing in the darkroom
- Cameraless photography (photograms, collage)
- Analog tricks

Participation fee: 40 EUR
Max participants: 10 
Participate by sending us an email: 
Limited amount of participations!

No previous experience needed

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