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Baltic Analog Lab

Cross-processing photography

2-3 October, 2021

with Patrice Baunov


Baltic Analog Lab invites to a two day workshop with artist Patrice Baunov from Berlin who will provide an introduction to colour photography by experimenting with ‘’wrong’’ processing methods – cross process, reversal process, washing film emulsion in soap and other synthetic and organic materials.
Students will shoot on slide film and afterwards develop the film in C41 chemistry (Cross Processing) as well as shoot on normal negative films that will be soaked in “film soup” that creates interesting colour shifts on images. There will be fresh as well as expired films available. The teacher will show and explain how to shoot with such old, expired films and how to develop the films without destroying the emulsion so that you still can get interesting and beautiful results with the photos.

During the workshop, there will be a photo walk where students will go for a walk with their cameras to take photos, which will be later developed using those creative techniques.


• Introduction to slide film
• Introduction to colorfilm
• Introduction to C-41 development process
• Introduction to cross processing
• Introduction to Filmsoups
• shooting test film together
• developing slidefilm in C-41 process
• photographing together (photo walk)
• individual film development

Patrice Baunov (Born in 1988) is a self-taught artist from Berlin. Has studied anthropology in several European universities such as Freie Universität Berlin, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt and ISCTE-IUL. Patrice found his interest in analog photography by taking part in photo collective Lomography Deutschland, where he, as he himself states, is doing Visual Arthropology. In his practice, he is using expired films as well as various manipulations of colour emulsion in the darkroom.


It is advised to take your own analog 35mm photo camera.
Films will be provided at the workshop.

Limited amount of participants - 10 people
Participate by sending us an email to:
Participation fee: 50 EUR

NB! Participants must provide a valid Covid-19 certificate of vaccination, testing or recovery

Supported by Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation

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