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Baltic Analog Lab

Cameraless film workshop

17-18 March, 2018

with Gaëlle Rouard


Shortly before Process festival French filmmaker Gaëlle Rouard will give a two day workshop teaching 16mm cameraless film technique at Baltic Analog Lab.

The workshop will introduce the art of making copies that are not copies. First, working with found footage and making loops with flat prints (or rayograms) in a negative and B&W reversal process as well as solarisation. Then playing with this material in several projectors in order to do a visual music for the opening event of the festival on March 22. All that backed with a little theoretical introduction, in order to understand what is going on.

Gaëlle Rouard has been making handmade films since the early 90′s. She is a long time member of the “102 rue d’Alembert”, a venue dedicated to the diffusion and creation of experimental music and film. She also ran “Atelier MTK” (a craft film laboratory) for twelve years until 2006, in Grenoble, France. An alchemist specialising in the precipitation of silver on film, she has developed and is still exploring various methods of chemical processing on film, while experimenting with the possibilities of live multi-projection in both solo and collaborative forms. Gaelle also runs a variety of workshops, both in art schools and for individual teaching.

Participation fee: 50 EUR
Number of participants: 10
Participate by sending us an email:

Workshop will be held in English

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