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Baltic Analog Lab

16mm film shooting & printing

19 - 20 August, 2023

with Richard Tuohy un Dianna Barrie


The A-Z of A/B printing in 16mm: A lightning course through DIY 16mm film-lab work from shooting to finished print. Australian experimental filmmakers Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie will take you on a high speed course through the many stages of do-it-yourself filmmaking. Get this: over two days (only!) we will move from shooting, through developing, to work-printing, to editing, then negative cutting with cement and ultimately final married (A/B roll) printing of a very short 16mm black and white movie. Believe it or not, we will try to do all these steps in the one workshop! No particular prior experience needed (but much specific experience to be gained!). We will be using various devices – steenbeck 16mm editing table, 16mm synchronizers, splicers, film camera and projector.

This workshop is about getting a picture of the whole workflow for making 16mm finished prints at an artist-run film lab. You won’t learn everything there is to know about all these different stages … but as an ultra-dense course, you will get a functional understanding of all of the steps from shooting to screening an edited print.

Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie have been working with analog film since the 90s, running self-run film lab called Nanolab in Melbourne. With their works and creative workshops, they travel all over the world, sharing a very wide range spectrum of knowledge that covers the entire process of filmmaking to very artistic techniques using homemade Arduino devices that allow duplicating film in a much simpler and more accessible way, allowing artists to do them without depending on commercial film laboratories. Both artists have visited us before, teaching a Chromaflex workshop as well as a creative contact printing workshop.

Participation fee: 50 EUR

Participation is limited to 10 members

Registration by sending e-mail:

Workshop will be held in English

Supported by Latvian Ministry of Culture and Creative Europe’s fianced project SPECTRAL

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