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Baltic Analog Lab

16mm contact printing

10-11 May, 2019

with Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie


Baltic Analog Lab is pleased to welcome back a fantastic australian duo - Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie to give a two day hands on workshop in exploring the DIY 16mm colour contact printing techniques using 16mm Steenbeck editing table, 16mm colour print film and ECP colour process.

The contact printer is one of the most essential part of the cinema apparatus.   Almost every film for which there was more than one copy was contact printed.  Yet the contribution to cinema of contact printing machines is by and large invisible.  Typically, the idea of a contact printer is to make duplicates as close as possible to the original.  That is a useful! It is a function upon which the history of cinema, including experimental cinema, has relied.  Yet contact printing is capable of much more than that.  They can be a tool for original and complex image compositing.  There are a lot of games, both conventional and unconventional, that can be played on what is a relatively simple device.  The trick is having access to one... and now Baltic Analogue Lab has does!  A beautiful Steenbeck editor has been converted into a fully functioning colour contact printer.

In this practical workshop, Australian experimental film artists Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie will help you explore and unpack the possibilities of the contact printer in a two day of colour contact printing bliss!


Friday, 10 May

-Introduction to the process
-Introduction to Steenbeck editing table
- Introduction to ECP process
- Test printing and processing

Saturday, 11 May

- Introduction to printing techniques
- Individual work with Steenbeck editing table using 16mm negative films
- film processing and screening

Limited amount of participants - 10 people
Participate by sending us an email to:
Participation fee: 40 EUR

Workshop is supported by Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation

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