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Baltic Analog Lab

16mm colour film

8-9 June, 2024

with Ieva Balode (BAL)


A two-day workshop with BAL founding member Ieva Balode who will give an introduction to shooting and processing colour 16mm film using Bolex 16mm film camera with an emphasis of cross-processing as well as regular E6 Ektrachrome film processing. Through a theoretical part as well as a practical hands-on training ,we will learn about the characteristics of colour motion picture film giving insight both in negative as well as reversal film specifics.

Participants will have an opportunity to learn using 16mm Bolex camera working in groups as well as individually. We will be shooting with Kodak Vision colour negative film as well as Ektachrome which will be processed in reversal E6 chemistry as cross processing and regular E6 processing.


- Introduction to colour film material and its chemical aspects

- Introduction to colour film chemistry and its various kinds

- Shooting with Bolex 16mm film camera

- Processing negative film in colour positive (reversal) chemistry

- Processing positive film in E6 chemistry

- Projecting film on 16mm film projector

Limited amount of participants - 10 people

Participate by sending us an email to:

Participation fee: 60 EUR

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