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Suspaustas Laikas festival 2020

Nidos Liuteronų Bažnyčia, Nida, Lithuania

24. July 2020, 18:00

“Squeezed Time” is an annual cinematography and alternative art festival, which since its launch in 2016 has been probing the evolution of experimental cinematography art forms, its present trends and future trajectories.

Nida programme for 24 th of July brings experimental films from also Latvia.

Sisyphus Condition.Ieva Balode, (Latvija, 2018m.)
Equal Tense.Ieva Balode. (Latvija, 2018m.)
Commission. (Ieva Balode, 2019)
Take-Off. Signe Birkova. (Latvija, 2016m.)
Touch of Dzenis. Signe Birkova. (Latvija, 2017m.)
His Name Was Chaos Bērziņš.Signe Birkova . (Latvija, 2018m.)
28 Years Later. Lāsma Bērtule. (Latvija, 2018-2019m)
Ieva & Dainis crack the code. Lāsma Bērtule. (Latvija, 2018m.).

All the events are free and open for all. The festival “Compressed Time” is supported by Lithuanian Film Center (LKC), Vilnius city and Neringa municipality.

II Part of the daily programme features live video (Ieva Balode) and sound (Maksims Šenteļevs) performance.

Film artist Ieva Balode, working exclusively with analogue film, and sound architect Maksims Šenteļevs will execute a cinematic dream — “Hypnosis”. The live session will confront audience
through their sleep-like state into the act of world and human creation.

Programme part I

Programme part II

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