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Open Call

October 2023, Latvia

SPECTRAL artist residency

Baltic Analog Lab


Within the framework of the SPECTRAL* and Expanding North* projects, Baltic Analog Lab is offering a month-long residency for two artists - one international and one from one of the Nordic countries* working with photochemical film, expanded cinema practice as well as sound and multidisciplinary works to develop an expanded cinema work in collaboration - live performance, installation work or sculpture incorporating analog film medium.

The residency offers two artists to work on their project by providing access to a darkroom, projectors, camera, screen, sound system, and other devices if needed. The residency is located in Riga, Latvia at the artists-run film lab Baltic Analog Lab and should happen within the month of October 2023.

The aim of the residency is to provide a space and opportunity for two artists coming from two geographically different places and maybe even practices to interact with each other in our lab. For instance – one can be a filmmaker working with photo-chemical film and expanded cinema practice and the other – a musician or performance artist working with their body or voice. Or another example – a filmmaker working with photo-chemical film and a craftsman working with various materials that can be adapted for an installation piece in collaboration with the filmmaker's projection.

Both will have the opportunity to work on their individual projects, however, we would like to encourage a collaboration that can arise during the stay.

Each artist has to apply on their own, no previously established friendships or connections have to be made prior to the application process. The matching artists will be selected by the selection committee, however, if the applicant already has a collaborating partner, it can be mentioned in the application.

Note that one of the artists has to be based in one of the Nordic countries.

The residency covers travel, accommodation, material costs, per-diem as well as fees for each artist. In return, we require the artist to offer a two-day public workshop in Baltic Analog Lab. At the end of the residency, the artist will have to present their work to the public. This does not have to be a completed project, but may also be a work-in-progress, however, the project requires a completed work within one year period.

The aim of the residency is to provide a space for the creation of new expanded cinema works that can be later presented in some of the SPECTRAL curated events and festivals during the year 2023-2025. Therefore the artist must ensure that the work can be accomplished and presented to the audience after the residency.

We are looking for artists who are interested in collaborative practice and exchanging ideas with other artists and our local community. The applicants should be already practicing artists with skills in their art practice, no training will be provided. We especially encourage applications from members of marginalized/ under-represented groups, indigenous people from the Nordic region, sexually and socially under-represented communities, as well as parents of underage children.

What we offer (per each artist):

Travel costs: up to 400 EUR (we encourage environmentally friendly ways of travel)

Artist fee: 1000 EUR

Material costs: 500 EUR

Per-diem: 500 EUR (total)


24/7 access to the BAL facilities

Possibility for presentation

Apply here by August 25, 2023(application process has been closed):

Results will be announced after September 1st

Organized by:

Supported by Creative Europe, Nordic Culture Point, Latvian Ministry of Culture

*SPECTRAL (Spatial, Performative & Expanded Cinematic Transnational Research at Artist-run Labs) is a joint project supported by Creative Europe, initiated by six such labs focusing on a variety of kinds of work with photo-chemical moving images. SPECTRAL has been conceived to support the creation and dissemination of Expanded Cinematic Art (E.C.A.) and to encourage international collaborations to ensure that this kind of artistic practice can thrive in the future.

* Expanding North is a project supported by Nordic Culture Point uniting artist-run film labs and cultural institutions that work with expanded cinematic art practices providing a space for the creation, education, and circulation of analog film art in the Nordic region and beyond.

* Nordic region includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Åland Islands

SPECTRAL artist residency
SPECTRAL artist residency
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