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2-9 August 2020

Natural Phenomena

Rucka Art Residency Centre

with United ISSP and Baltic Analog Lab Summer School


We are excited to announce that the United ISSP and Baltic Analog Lab Summer School will take place from 2 to 9 August at Rucka Art Residency Centre in Cēsis!

Theme for this year: NATURAL PHENOMENA. The summer school will explore the fascinating natural world and its creatures around us, offering creative inspiration and new skills through four different mini workshops (both photography and analogue film) and guest lectures and discussions with invited biologists, entomologists, environmental scientists, writers and more!

The participants will be able to take part in any of the workshops and lectures offered, and will create their own work based on the techniques and creative impulses obtained in the process. The event will conclude with a public presentation of the created works in Rucka park and manor on Sunday 9 August.

The summer school is hosting 25 participants from 10 countries.

"Baltic Salt Prints" by Gintautas Trimakas (LT)
"Organic Film" (16mm) by Ieva Balode (LV)
"Nature in Colours" (Super8 colour reversal) by Vytautas Juozėnas (LT)
"The Secrets and Possibilities of the Light Trap" - by Krista Mölder (EE)

Lectures, discussions and walks with biologist Tūrs Selga, bird photographer Rvīns Varde, entomologist Uģis Piterāns, insect photographer Aigars Jukna, WWF ambassador Uģis ROTBERGS, dabas advokāts and Robert Zhao Renhui (The Institute Of Critical Zoologists).


Friday, 7 August 10:30 Latvian time (via Zoom) -
Open lecture and artist talk "Documenting Nature" by Robert Zhao Renhui (The Institute of Critical Zoologists Singapore)
Zoom link:
Fb live feed will also be available.

Sunday, 9 August 16:00 - 18:30
Public event in Rucka manor and park - exhibition/presentation of created works.

More info :

Thanks to Rucka for cooperation and to our supporters Cesis and Valsts kultūrkapitāla fonds

Natural Phenomena
Natural Phenomena
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