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Performance Night

7 March 2023, Finland

SPECTRAL Expanded March

WHS Theater, Helsinki, Finland


Artists-run film collective Baltic Analog Lab (Riga,LV) presents “SPECTRAL Expanded” – audio-visual expanded cinema performance evening with an artists duo Ojoboca from Germany and an artist from France – Riojim who will present their works using analog projectors as live, performative tools that allows artist to engage with a machine and their artistic material – analogue film.


DISTANT FEELER. Goliatus & Carábida (1977-1997)

by Ojoboca (Germany)

Duration: 36 min

The Distant Feeler was a contraption created by the artist duo Goliatus & Carabida. It was the result of their attempt at creating a telepathic cinema; a project they worked on from 1977 to 1997. What is left of their project are the remnants of a device they called “Distant Feeler” and a manifesto with the title “Distant Feelings or signs of a perfect lover”. From these remnants, which we were fortunate to find, we’ve created our own version of the device. However, we cannot claim that it is a true replica of the original. We tried to reconstruct the machine but much of what we found was broken or had no discernible use. Luckily, the slides were in reasonably good shape.

For this talk we will recount the history of this contraption, along with a demonstration of its effect, as we imagine it might have functioned. We will also show you its constitutive elements separately so that you may understand the nature of its illusion. Finally, we will read the artists’ manifesto.

Performance for a 16mm projector

by Riojim (France)

Duration : 30 min.

In the black beating of shutters things penetrate, ghostly, as islands which have not received their name yet.

A 30 minutes performance in which Riojim plays with his 16mm projector in an instrumentist gesture, creating deep breath out of a frenzy chromatic flush of celluloïd, the projector singing it's uncanny, sometimes funny, 50 hertz lullaby.

Event is happening with the support of Creative Europe’s funded project SPECTRAL, Latvian Ministry of Culture, Baltic Analog Lab and Filmverkstaden.

SPECTRAL Expanded March
SPECTRAL Expanded March
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