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Performance Night

11 August 2023, Lithuania


Hofas, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Suspaustas Laikas festival


Suspaustas Laikas in collaboration with Baltic Analog Lab presents “SPECTRAL Expanded” – audio-visual expanded cinema performance evening with an artists duo Adriana Vila Guevara and Adriano Galante from Spain and an artist from France – Riojim who will present their works using analog projectors as live, performative tools that allows artist to engage with a machine and their artistic material – analogue film.


KALK'IIN (the place of the throat of the sun)

by ADRIANA VILA GUEVARA / 16mm live performance

Guest musician: ADRIANO GALANTE

Duration: 40 min

Focused on the essence of fire as the center of the common, the gathering, the sharing, and the enlightening (physical and spiritual), Kalk'iin takes the audience into a singular cinematic experience. Other than been surrounded, the spectators become the surrounders of the projection, acknowledging their being and position, as part of an inspiring collective ceremony.  

The audience is invited to sit around the projector. The position of the projector is lying on the ground, with a 90º lens that enables the vertical projection, that I interact with live (using several cristals, filters and modulating the projection speed). The screen is a semitransparent tull fabric/textile, held by a specifically designed system

Performance for a 16mm projector

by Riojim (France)

Duration : 30 min

In the black beating of shutters things penetrate, ghostly, as islands which have not received their name yet. A 30 minutes performance in which Riojim plays with his 16mm projector in an instrumentist gesture, creating deep breath out of a frenzy chromatic flush of celluloïd, the projector singing it's uncanny, sometimes funny, 50 hertz lullaby.

Event is happening with the support of Creative Europe’s funded project SPECTRAL, Latvian Ministry of Culture and Baltic Analog Lab.

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