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Film Screening

9 May 2019, Latvia

Secrets of the Invisible World Disclosed

Baltic Analog Lab

with Mark Toscano


Baltic Analog Lab invites to a special screening with our guest from Academy Film Archive of USA - film preservationist Mark Toscano bringing us a special film programme consisting of 16mm films he has been restoring as a preservationist. 

Guest curator Mark Toscano presents a selection of 16mm experimental short films by five visionary artists who have used the medium of film to explore the surreal and the subconscious. These films employ techniques including animation, optical compositing, x-ray photography, found footage, and other unusual methods to create visually unconventional worlds influenced by memories, dreams, and the elemental strangeness of our imagination. By exploring their respective paths through these intangible realms, these artists provide us with a set of incredibly distinctive visions, bringing into ghostly visibility the invisible threads which connect us in unexpected ways. 
As a special film we want to point out a film "Babobilicons" by American Latvian filmmaker Daina Krūmiņš.

Mirror People (1974) by Kathy Rose
color, sound, '5, 16mm

Roseblood (1974) by Sharon Couzin
color, sound, '7, 16mm

Babobilicons (1982) by Daina Krumins
color, sound, '16, 16mm

Sanctus (1990) by Barbara Hammer
color, sound, '18.5, 16mm

Elasticity (1976) by Chick Strand
bw & color, sound, '25, 16mm

Mark Toscano is a filmmaker, curator, and film preservationist based in Los Angeles. Since 2003, he has worked at the Academy Film Archive, where he specializes in the curation, conservation, and preservation of artists' films. He works with the collections of over 100 filmmakers, and has overseen the conservation and preservation of hundreds of films, including work by Stan Brakhage, Barbara Hammer, Chick Strand, Tacita Dean, Penelope Spheeris, the Whitney brothers, Gus Van Sant, Pat O'Neill, Suzan Pitt, and many others. He has curated and presented programs at numerous venues, including MoMA, Arsenal, Eye Filmmuseum, Tate Modern, and festivals in Rotterdam, London, Oberhausen, Zagreb, Bangalore, and elsewhere. He is a programmer with Los Angeles Filmforum, and has lectured at various universities on experimental film and archiving, as well as teaching the History of Experimental Animation at CalArts.

Free entry or donations
photo © Gerhard Kassner / Berlinale
Supported by Latvian State Culture Capital foundation

Secrets of the Invisible World Disclosed
Secrets of the Invisible World Disclosed
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