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Film Screening

12 October 2019, Sweden

Nostalgia: Analog Media Festival

Stpln - Stapelbädden, Sweden

with Baltic-Nordic Analog Network


A celebration of analog techniques to create visual and audible media and art. This program is a collaborative effort featuring workshops, intro courses, a screening program, live cinema performance and photo exhibition. Organised by the Baltic-Nordic Analog Network which consists of STPLN( SE), All Hands On Deck (SE), Filmverkstaden (FI), Baltic Analog Lab (LV), Sponge Lab (LI) and Polar Lab (NO).

With support from the Nordic Culture Point through The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture

WORKSHOPS AT STPLN 15.00 - 17.00

Polaroid Emulsion Lift
Learn the classic technique of Polaroid emulsion lifting in which you separate the picture from its plastic frame to create free-floating emulsions. Compose and manipulate images in this workshop led by Philip Evans, Malmö-based skateboarding filmmaker with an analogue approach.

Pinhole Workshop
Build a unique “Hex” pinhole camera on the spot with in-house laser cut parts. Develop negatives from black and white photo paper to see the results in a matter of minutes. Experiment and learn about photography and leave with a tailor made camera.�



Film Programme:
The programme consists of experimental films from two analog film collectives in Baltic States - Sponge Lab and Baltic Analog Lab - a collective of artists and filmmakers who chose analog film as a material to explore the cinematic essence of artistic filmmaking.
The programme consist of only analog films on 16mm and super8 formats - all unique copies shot and produced using hand processing. The filmmakers will be present and will tell about each film and the way it has been made.

Live Cinema Performance: Cinema Vivo
In my live cinema performance I am using 16mm film as the main medium. I manually manipulate it when projected from projectors, which is an important aspect of the viewer experience and creates a performance within a projection performance, where the audience is watching the screen as well as the performer embodying the process of projection. The performance encompasses the immediate and improvisational aspects, using film and sound to create an original audio-visual experience for the viewer. The moving image is fragmented to its basics of what constitutes the illusion of motion.
During projection, the moving image is deconstructed into frames stuttering back and forth, melting, mis-aligning at the gate of the projector - destroying the image and the medium that carries it; revealing sprockets and optical sound track printed on the film; the amplified audio of the working projector is mixed with fragmented optical sound track, coming from the film used in the performance. The film material in the performances is found footage as well as my own films shot in the past, and site specific film, from the space of the performance.

Entrance is free but registration is required

Nostalgia: Analog Media Festival
Nostalgia: Analog Media Festival
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