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17 October, 2023, Latvia

Expanded cinema evening

Baltic Analog Lab

with Jan Kulka (CZ)


Baltic Analog Lab invites to meet our artist-in residence – Jan Kulka (Czech Republic) who takes part in our SPECTRAL/Expanding North project residency this October.

In the residency, Jan has been working on 60mm film which will be projected through his own built projector – Archeoscope. He has been shooting a photographic sequences with different scenes utilising the principles of stereo photography which will be then projected through the Archeoscope. Jan has been using both 60mm film, as well as 35mm film cameras, but during the residency he has also been experimenting with photochemical film emulsion which he applied to his 60mm transpatent film with a supervision of BAL member

Armands Andže.

Jan's artistic practice is focused on experimental film, especially live film performances. In order to bring something new to the playground and in the pursuit of his personal investigation of what is film, Jan has designed and built his own projector called Archeoscope with an aim to observe and experiment with the essential nature and the very limits of the film media and our own senses simultaneously.

Part of Jan’s presentation will be contextualising and showcase of his previous works and screening of an older film called “Prelininary exercises”.

The presentation will happen in premises of Baltic Analog Lab (Lienes iela 19a). Audience is welcome to bring their own snacks and drinks for the mutual table at BAL.

Free entrance

Expanded cinema evening
Expanded cinema evening
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