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Screening and Performance

27-28 September 2019, Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden

Baltic Analog Lab members


We are taking part in this years AVANT festival with a film programme of Baltic Analog Lab members as well as expanded cinema performance.

AVANT 2019 – AVANT goes Baltic


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The 16th edition of AVANT explores the Baltic countries by inviting three prominent artists: Deimantas Narkevičius (Lithuania), Ieva Balode (Latvia) and Jaan Toomik (Estonia). In addition, two fairly unknown classics will be shown, Virve Aruoja and Jaan Tooming’s Endless day (1971) that was banned by Estonian authorities, and Adolphas Mekas’ rarely screened Wind flowers (1967).

Both Deimantas Narkevičius and Jaan Toomik deals with the complexities of post-communist transition; the repressed, revised and (re)turning histories and memories. However, the means are different, in Narkevičius’ work, history acts through narratives, images and monuments whereas in Toomik’s case it is the performing body that interacts with what has been. Ieva Balode and Baltic Analog Lab (BAL) represents another generation of Baltic artists, exploring analog filmmaking as part of a new community of internationally connected artist run film labs.


Friday 27 september Kristinehamn Art Museum

18.30 Opening

  • Jaan Toomik: Dancing with dad (2003; Projection)

  • Deimantas Narkevičius: 20 July, 2015 (2016; 3-D projection)

  • Ieva Balode and Maksims Šenteļevs: Seven sins of memory (8 and 16 mm projector performance)

  • Artist talk with Balode, Narkevičius and Toomik.

Saturday 28 september Karlstad, Cinema Arenan.

9.30 Prelude: Virve Aruoja and Jaan Tooming: Lõppematu päev (Endless Day, 1971; 30’)

10.00 Jaan Toomik

  • Dancing home (1995; 3’)

  • Father and son (1998; 2’30’’)

  • Jaan (2001; 1’)

  • Run (2010; 5’)

  • Waterfall (2005; 1’)

  • Untitled (2002; 30’’)

  • Untitled (2001; 2’)

  • Oleg(2010; 20’)

11.00 DeimantasNarkevičius I

  • The role of a lifetime (2003; 17’)

  • Restricted sensation(2011; 45’30’’)

12.30 Deimantas Narkevičius II

  • The head(2007, 12’)

  • Disappearance of a tribe(2005, 10’)

  • The dud effect(2008, 15’)

  • Once in the XX Century(2004, 8’)

  • Stains and scratches(2017, 7’)

15.00 Baltic Analog Lab and Ieva Balode

  • Take-Off (Signe Birkova, 2016; 9’)

  • Sound (Dāvids Smiltiņš, 2017; 3’)

  • so … goodbye (Elizabete Mežule-Gricmane, 2017; 3’)

  • Random edit (Mārtiņš Kontants, 2018; 2’)

  • Chromaflex (BAL, 2017; 6’30’’)

Ieva Balode

  • Victory song(2017; 10’)

  • Equal tense(2018; 7’)

  • Sisyphus condition(2018; 11’)

16.30 Walden presents

  • Adolphas Mekas: Wind flower (1967; 64’)


The screenings at AVANT is free of charge but booking is mandatory. There is a limited number of tickets. For information and inquiries:

Register here


Avant has been organized since 2002 and the 16thedition is a collaboration between Världsalltet, Kristinehamn Art Museum, Region Värmland and Stockholm University. AVANT2019 is sponsored by Karlstad Municipality, Kristinehamn Art Museum, Region Värmland, Stockholm University and the Estonian Embassy and Lithuanian Culture Institute.

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