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Film Screening

23-24 September 2022, Sweden

AVANT 2022

Karlstad, Kristinehamn, Sweden

with Baltic Analog Lab


We are pleased to announce the 2022 edition of AVANT event in Karlstad and Kristinehamn, Sweden which this and the coming years happens in collaboration with Baltic Analog Lab and SPECTRAL project co-funded by Creative Europe.

This year event explores the Yugoslav avant-garde from the 60s and 70s and its legacies. AVANT opens at Kristinehamn Art Museum on Friday, September 23rd at 6.30 PM with three events. An exhibition of Slobodan Šijan’s film leaflets from 1976-79, Hrvoje Spudić’s installation for two 16 mm projectors, Rotoprojector, and a screening of Šijan’s film Poem for Tom (2010), the last film with Tomislav Gotovac, which is followed by artists talks with Slobodan Šijan and Dejan Sretenovic, and Hrvoje Spudić and Martin Grennberger.

The program continues in Karlstad on Saturday at 10 AM at the cinema Arenan with films by Tomislav Gotovac and Slobodan Šijan, as well as a program curated by Branka Benčić and Aleksandra Sekulić presenting film and video by women artists, amateurs and filmmakers from 1960s and 1970s Yugoslavia.


Friday 23 september Kristinehamn Art Museum

18.30 Opening

Slobodan Šijan: ”Film Leaflets” (1976-79, exhibition)

Hrvoje Spudić: ”Rotoprojector 2” (Installation)

Slobodan Šijan “Poem for Tom” (2010, projection)

Artist talk with Spudić; and between Šijan and Dejan Sretenovic.

Saturday 24 september Karlstad, Cinema Arenan


Tomislav Gotovac I

Pravac (Straight Line, 1964), 10’ 16 mm

Plavi jahač (Blue Rider, 1964), 18’ 16 mm

Kružnica (Circle, 1964), 12’ 16 mm

Osjećam se dobro (I Feel Alright, 1966), 12’ mp4.

Kuda idemo ne pitajte (Don’t Ask Where We’re Going, 1966), 11’ DCP


Tomislav Gotovac II

29, (1967), 18’ mp4.

T (1969), 15’ DCP.

Glen Miller 1. Srednjoškolsko igralište (Glen Miller 1. High School Playground 1, 1977), 45’ DCP.


Slobodan Šijan I

Autoportret na groblju (Self-portrait at the Cementary, 1970) 3’ DCP.

Strukture (Structures, 1970) 3′ DCP

Ručni radovi (Handmade, 1971) 2’ DCP

Vrt sa stazama što se račvaju (The Garden of Forking Paths, 1971) 4′ DCP

Kosta Bunuševac u filmu o samon sebi (Kosta Bunuševac in a Film about himself, 1970) 14′ DCP

Gradsko đubrište na adi huji u beogradu (city garbage dump on ada huja in belgrade, 1970) 8’ DCP

Slobodan Šijan II

Fixanje (Fix, 1972) 4’ DCP

Yeah (1972) 14′ DCP

Jutro u ružičastom (Morning in Pink, 1971) 18′ DCP

Leš (Corpse, 1971) 2′ DCP


Rondo: A Journey from Exposure to Oblivion and Back

Erna Banovac: Erna (1963) 2’ DCP

Sanja Iveković: Instrukcije (Instructions, 1976) 5’ DCP

Dunja Ivanišević: Žemsko (Female, 1968) 5’ DCP

Bogdanka Poznanović: Srce (Heart, 1970) 2’ DCP

Tatjana Ivančić: Grad u izlogu (City in the Shop Window, 1969) 5’ DCP

Divna Jovanović Rondo (1973) 5’ DCP

Sanja Iveković: Looking at… (1974) 9’ DCP

Sanja Iveković: Personal Cuts (1982), 3’ DCP


The screenings at AVANT are free of charge but booking is mandatory. There is a limited number of tickets. For booking: For information and inquiries:

AVANT has been organized since 2002 and the 17th edition is a collaboration between Walden, Kristinehamn Art Museum, SPECTRAL/Baltic Analog Lab, Region Värmland and Stockholm University.

AVANT2022 is sponsored by Karlstad Municipality, Kristinehamn Art Museum, Region Värmland and the Creative Europe program and Latvian Ministry of Culture

AVANT 2022
AVANT 2022
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