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5-6 October 2019


16mm cross-processing workshop 5.-6.10.2019.
with Melissa Dullius (Distruktur (BR/DE))


A two-day workshop with Brazilian filmmaker and member of Labor Berlin collective - Melissa Dullius will give an introduction to shooting and processing colour 16mm film with an emphasis of cross-processing. Trough a theoretical part as well as a practical hands-on, Melissa will explain the characteristics of colour motion picture film giving insight both in negative as well as reversal film specifics. 
We will explore the characteristics of different motion picture colour films, how they react to different light conditions and how to use or misuse them, how to process and cross-process colour negative film by hand, in a simple and effective way.


- Introduction to colour film material and its chemical aspects
- Demonstration of films
- Introduction to colour film chemistry and its various kinds
- Shooting with 16mm film camera
- Processing negative film in E6 chemistry
- Projectiong film on 16mm film projector

Melissa Dullius

Melissa Dullius is part of artist duo Distruktur formed in 2007 by her and Gustavo Jahn when they moved together from South Brazil to Berlin. They started making films together in 1999, first on Super 8 and later on 16mm. After joining the collective LaborBerlin in 2007 they started applying handmade techniques on the making of their films. Beyond conceiving and producing moving images, they also appear as actors and musicians and act as lab technicians. Distruktur's body of work takes form as films, installations, film performances, photographs, text and graphic. Their work has been presented in festivals such as Berlinale, Mostra de SP, BAFICI, Torino Film Festival, New Horizons and Videobrasil, as well as in exhibitions at Berlinische Galerie, Paço das Artes in São Paulo, and Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre.

Limited amount of participants - 10 people
Participate by sending us an email to:
Participation fee: 50 EUR

Workshop is supported by Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation 

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