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19 - 20 Nov, 2022

16mm film
Tips & Tricks

with Ieva Balode

A two-day creative 16mm film workshop with BAL director Ieva Balode provides an opportunity to learn 16mm film shooting and processing using creative techniques.
The focus of the workshop will be on learning the Bolex camera using its specific features - double exposures as well as other Bolex camera tricks.
The aim of the workshop is to learn creative techniques when filming with a 16mm film camera, thinking about unusual in-camera editing tricks, light manipulation, as well as playing with camera lenses. We will also put a high emphasis on some alternative development tricks and effects, using techniques such as Mordançage and Chemigram, which act on film emulsion to create artistic, watercolor-like effects.
Both inexperienced and experienced participants are welcome to participate with aim to diversify their shooting techniques when working with 16mm film, as well as understand the material properties of film and its manipulation possibilities by developing and processing the film manually in the laboratory.


- introduction to black and white 16mm film physical and chemical processes
- introduction to 16mm Bolex film camera
- 16mm film shooting
- reversal film processing in a lab
- introduction to Mordançage and Chemigram techniques
- introduction to a 16mm film projector
- film screening

Participation fee: 60 EUR
Participation is limited to 10 members
Registration by sending e-mail:
Workshop will be held in Latvian or English depending on participants who apply.
Supported by Latvian Ministry of Culture and Creative Europe’s project SPECTRAL

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