Baltic Analog Lab

  1. About our space

    We are equipped for shooting, processing, editing and screening of 16mm and 8mm film, and also for analog photography. There is one darkroom, one studio area for work and one dark screening and events space.


    Equipment we have:

    - 16mm and super8, 2x8mm cameras

    - 16mm and super8 film projectors

    - steenback for editing 16mm and 35mm films

    - lomo tanks for processing 16mm and 8mm films

    - patterson tanks for processing 35mm and 70mm still film

    - photo enlargers for black and white photo copies

    - various lab tools (measuring cups, thermometer, measuring scales, trays for chemistry etc)

  2. Open Thursdays

    Every Thursday from 15:00-21:00 we are open for visitors.

    Follow up our Facebook or Instagram for  weekly updates.


    What we provide:

    - first two hours for 10 EUR (minimum)
    - every next hour 3 EUR

    Price includes:
    - use of the darkroom
    - black and white photo chemestry (for film processing and photo prints)
    - photo enlarger
    - lab tools and lomo tanks for processing 16mm, super8, 35mm films

    super8 and 16mm film processing with lomo tanks can be provided only with a special request and you should be experienced in working with them.

    Price does not include photo papers and films (or on special requet)

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